Bobby Wallace continues the family legacy of making premium quality, individually unique, small-batch wines, sourced from some of South Africa’s premium wine growing areas.

Initially, what started as a brothers “bonding exercise” with the aim of creating a uniquely distinctive South African, Chenin Blanc from Elgin, is now gaining momentum and is firmly placing the Off The Record in the ranks of the South Africa’s new wave of up and coming wine producers. The opportunity first presented itself to the two brothers when Bobby, found there were some scarce Wine of Origin Elgin Chenin Blanc grapes for sale. The brothers purchased these grapes and set out with the intentions to produce a which would have something for everyone whilst taking no compromises to create the wines which they had always envisaged and dreamt of. As both brothers were in fact full time employees of other wine brands, and mindful of potential conflict of interest, all the winemaking, tasting, bottling and strategizing took place after hours.

With limited exposure to cool climate Chenin Blanc, the brothers were extremely happy by the response their first vintage achieved. After numerous requests to purchase the wine on release. Off the Record very quickly grew to Cult status with the wines only being available to the market for a very short time each year.

With three vintages of Chenin Blanc under the belt, it is now time for another wine to join the ranks. Bobby’s fascination with Syrah meant that this was next on the books. Making Syrah, like Chenin Blanc can be approached with many different philosophies. However the key element is always the vineyards. Eventually another truly unique site was found, high-lying, relatively unknown Syrah vineyard located on the Ceres Plateau. This project has proved extremely rewarding and the Off The Record Wines are proud to announce the launch of their Syrah. What started out as an dream has now been cemented with a commitment from Bobby to pursue making the best possible wines for Off The record full time.

“One of those serendipitous discoveries that puts a smile on your face for the rest of the day, this is a remarkable new release from Bobby Wallace that rates among the best Syrah in South Africa.”
Wrote British master of wine, Tim Atkin.

“At Off The Record, we believe that wines are made in the vineyard and looked after in the
cellar. To create a true expression of varietal character and sense of place, we aim to intervene as little as possible.”

Bobby Wallace